The Science of Flight

Applicant: Rick Burkett
Budget Request: $2000
Project Title: The Science of Flight

Project-based learning and simulations provide powerful, engaging learning opportunities to combine content from across several subject areas. Students would engage in the study of physics, navigation, instrumentation, geography, weather systems, mathematics, flight engineering, and aeronautics culminating in the successful operation of various flight models in the world’s leading flight simulation software. The Flight Simulator would provide opportunities to develop hands-on mini-courses, enrichment opportunities, and motivating content-area studies that would serve as an extension of the JBHS Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (S.T.E.M.) initiative. The simulator would provide a dual cockpit with dual controls (see attached), forming the nucleus for a technology-based, hands-on, multidisciplinary study that would prove engaging and motivating to students 9-12 while providing an environment in which to apply the content learned via the S.T.E.M. initiative.