Exciting Book Clubs for Reluctant Readers

Erin Faulkner- James Buchanan Middle School

Budget Request: $745.01

It is a statistical fact that many children dislike reading by the time they reach middle school.  Many students, including a disproportionate number of boys, avoid reading at all costs.  Students like this deserve an innovative program that will work to change “I hate to read” into “I really liked that book, and I’m interested in another.”  This program will use appropriate “hi-lo” literature with an online learning community in Moodle to increase participation and peer involvement.  “Hi-lo” books are of high-interest to middle school aged children about topics they enjoy, such as sports and teen drama, but they have a lower, easier reading level between 3rd and 5th grade.  Moodle is a course-management software system already in use by the district that allows many safe opportunities for online learning, including online discussion boards and “virtual groups.” By combining the right kinds of books with an exciting and social use of technology, this program will be specifically designed to allow struggling middle school readers, especially boys, to experience reading success.  The goal is to create an environment that helps reluctant readers find quality literature, experience success in reading, and share what they read with peers.