Forensics in the Classroom

Emily Stoner – James Buchanan High School
Biology Teacher

Budget Request: $750

Next year at the High School, a new Forensics science class is going to be offered to students. It focus on hands-on activities and labs that investigate crimes and how forensics scientists collect evidence and process it in order to catch criminals. Many of the activities require materials and resources that the science department does not have. Some examples of the labs and activities we will be doing next year will be: Fingerprinting, Hair Analysis, Fiber Analysis, Pollen and Spore Examination, DNA Fingerprinting, Blood Typing, Blood Splatter Analysis, Crime Scene Investigation, Urine Analysis, Drug Analysis, Handwriting Analysis (Ransom notes), Counterfeit Money, Calculating Time of Death, Insect Studies, Soil Examination, What Bones Tell Us, Glass Examination, Footprint Casts, and Dental Impressions. Students are very excited about this new elective class and we anticipate a large number of students to sign up to take the class.