Who are we?

TEF is a group of educators and community activists– both K-12 faculty and administration along with several members of the community – some business and some former educators who have come together 15 years ago with a passion to advance, promote and finance educational projects custom designed by faculty – these projects and teachings which would otherwise not happen.

How long have we been in operation?

TEF is starting its 16th year of operation in the Tuscarora School District. Approximately 80% of Educational Foundations across the United States do not last past 10 years.

What is our Mission?

The mission of the Tuscarora Education Foundation is to foster and encourage life-long learning, by promoting and providing educational and cultural programs, projects and scholarships for the student body and staff of the Tuscarora School District.
- August 2, 1995


How have we done so far?

Since its inception in 1995, the foundation has awarded over 250 grants totaling over $200,000! This year alone TEF awarded funding for 38 grants totaling $22,823!
Additionally, TEF awarded three $1000 Stickell Scholarships to Kara Barrett, Lillian Berney and Daniel McClung

How do we get our money to do our work?

Annual National Education month of November has been our major solicitation to individuals and businesses

We participate in EITC – a Pennsylvania education-tax initiative that awards contributing businesses a 100% tax credit

TSD payroll deduction for all employees

Charitable Trust bequests and other charitable tax advantaged gifting of individuals and businesses

How are we doing with our finances?

We were doing just fine up until the last two years.  As TEF has begun to be more understood and embraced by the faculty, we have spent more money these past two years than we have taken in!

As a result we now have to do a better job at fund raising – a TOP priority at TEF for 2010–2011

We are hopeful that our community will support our continued growth to even greater TSD educational success over the next 15 years.

How does the grant process work?

There are TEF Board members active at the Elementary, Middle and High Schools.
You should first make contact with your local TEF Board representative.  There are certain rules and restrictions. You will need to submit a formal grant request after you have designed your project.  All grant requests get transferred then to Emily Stoner who is Programs Committee Chair at TEF. Emily submits all grant requests to the TEF Board at regular TEF meetings across the whole school year. All grant requests are competitively evaluated with funding across the entire school year.

What Kind of Educational Projects Have We Financed to Date?

Reading comprehension & guided reading
Guided reading – individuals and groups
Author/Illustrator Visitations & Workshops
Performers in Residence
Books Clubs
Language Arts Centers
Math Learning Centers
Rocket Math
Trout in the Classroom
A Spanish Library
Hands on Globe Kits
Elementary Science Days

These are just a sample of this years grants funded!

What Kinds of projects are Missing?

Technology and the role of technology in Business and Society
Effective Writing