Guided Reading

Gina Fochtman

Mercersburg Elementary

5th grade teacher

Budget Request: $608.60 – $2042.60

I am pleased that I have the opportunity to present a plan to create a reading program with every student in mind. Rigby has put together a compilation of fictional texts (16 titles, 6 copies of each). These books are leveled to reach all readers in the classroom. Along with the books, a teacher’s guide is included to aide with planning. I was able to see this package of books at a conference that I attended, and was very impressed. The Reading Strategies Toolkit links reading and writing together using tools to organize strategies, such as: concepts of print, vocabulary, phonics, fluency, and comprehension. All of these strategies will help my students as they further their education as well as helping them to maneuver around the PSSA. The CD pack has all of the books on CD to help struggling readers to hear the words as they read. Along with all of these tools, the Diagnostic System will get all of my student’s reading levels in one day as opposed to weeks of implementing and testing with the Fontis and Pennell, which will save valuable time. The last portion of the program is the chapter books that come in groups of 6, also leveled to differentiate. If I was given this grant for only the fictional texts, my class would benefit so much, and the entire program would be life changing for most of my students. This program would create a classroom of readers who need the differentiation so badly, and would be especially effective to those children who struggle with reading.