Grant Applicants


This year TEF will be accepting grants all year long. You can submit a grant to Emily Poffenberger (Programs & Services Chair), at anytime during the school year. Once she receives the grant she will give you an email conformation and then submit the grant at the next TEF meeting. TEF meetings are the first Wednesday of the following months: November, January, March, and April.

After the meeting you will get the notification as to whether or not your grant was approved. KEEP IN MIND: There are only a few (3-4) large grants that are approved each year. Regular grants of $750 or less are awarding more frequently.

*NOTE*  TEF is a project funding organization, where unique pedagogies are designed  that are related to the enrichment of educational opportunities or to improve regular/extra curricular programs of the school district.  Equipment of any type, can only be considered grant worthy if it is part of a specific project as described above.  It must relate to a defined project with assigned goals and objectives.  Any equipment required for a grant project must be incidental to the scope and design of the project.

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You can get funding for the grant you received in one of two ways.

1. You can purchase the materials and then TEF can reimburse you.

2. You can order the materials and receive an invoice. Once you receive the invoice you can give it to TEF and we will pay the invoice. All requisitions go through TEF’s treasurer, Julie Statler. Email Julie ( with requisition questions/forms.

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When a teacher receives a grant they must complete an evaluation. That evaluation must be completed by end of the project. It is critical for paperwork purposes that teachers turn in evaluations in a timely manner. Once you have completed your evaluation please mail or email them to Jack Allison (Executive Director).  If you have any questions regarding evaluations please email Jack (

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