Victorian England Theme Day

Penny Shoop & Meghan Lowe – James Buchanan Middle School
7th Grade English teachers

Budget Request: $550.00

Each year the seventh grade teachers read the Charles’s Dickens’ classic, A Christmas Carol, and complete an extensive study on Victorian England which is the setting/time period of this famous story. As background, prior to the reading, this theme day will introduce students to the following themes of Victorian England: reign of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, social dance & its relevance to society and to A Christmas Carol, period clothing & fashions, a typical 18th century English Christmas, the social climate and structure of Victorian England, social, technological & medical firsts in the 1800’s, a biography of Dickens in photographs, etc. The concepts will be presented in class segments over two days by guest artists, Nancy Walker & Jeff Savage. Both of these performers/teachers have extensive dance experience and personal background in England, its culture, and history. Students will be engaged in hands on participation as they explore each content area.